NYCKayaker is a community of folks who all share, to a greater or lesser extent, an interest in human powered boating and the environment. Trip reports, observations, news and lively boat-banter are all encouraged. The NYCKayaker email list is devoted to kayak, canoe, rowing, and swim events, activities and information of interest to those in the New York metropolitan area and everywhere. Email sent to the list address ( will automatically be forwarded to everybody on the list.
NYCKayaker was founded in 1993 by Cliff Landesman. NYCKayaker is not moderated, but the admin checks it frequently. It is sponsored by the Hudson River Watertrail Association. Here’s what Cliff says about it:

NYCKayaker is for paddlers and small boaters in New York City and the surrounding area. (Following the New Yorker map of the world, we will consider the whole of the northeast coast as within “the surrounding area”, while recognizing New York as the epicenter.) The list welcomes announcements of impending trips or events, discussions of attractive places to paddle, lively trip reports, warnings of local hazards, brief for sale or wanted ads, discussions of relevant environmental advocacy issues, and other topics of local interest. If you would like to discuss issues that are not of local interest, please consider the newsgroup “ paddle”. NYCKayaker is for both sea and white water paddlers.

List Rules

  1. Show respect for your fellow list members… one of them just may save your life one day.
  2. Please keep the posts reasonably on topic. We give lots of latitude on this, but there are limits.
  3. Always ask yourself this question before you post: “Should my post go to the entire list, or just one or more individuals on that list?” As soon as a topic begins to focus please send only to the other individuals participating. Know the difference between the REPLY and REPLY ALL buttons! Don’t send to the list by mistake.
  4. READ, KEEP and FOLLOW the instructions contained in the “welcome” message that is sent to you when you subscribe.
  5. PLEASE DO NOT send list business questions (such as unsubscribe-me requests) to the list. There are over 450 subscribers to NYC Kayaker and only one of them can help with list management. Address questions directly to him (see below)
  6. No overt commercial posts will be allowed. This is a “developing” rule and will be enforced on a “know it when we see it” basis. Again, there’s lots of room for interpretation here. If you would like to post a message about a commercial trip or event focus on the facts, and always state your relationship to the outfitter or sponsor of the event.
  7. Finally, respect copyright. DO NOT reproduce full-text stories on the list. If you hear of news that is relevant post A LINK to the story. DO NOT copy and paste the text and send it out to the list. Doing so is almost always a violation of copyright and repeat offenders will be dropped from the list.

List Facts

  • You cannot subscribe one email address from a different email address… it won’t work. If you are receiving list traffic as a digest and the digest is full of garbage characters or looks weird, try going to the list info page, log in (you may need to have the processor send your password), and try changing your from MIME to PLAIN, or vice versa.
  • Do not ask the admin to change your delivery options or do things that you can
    do yoursel, f i.e. changing your delivery from individual messages to once-a-day digests.
  • To subscribe, if you have web access, go to and follow the directions on that screen.
  • To unsubscribe, if you have web access, go to listinfo/nyckayaker/ at any time.